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Transform reason into ordered intuition; let all thyself be light.

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In the sweep of the worlds, in the surge of the ages, Ineffable, mighty, majestic and pure, Beyond the last pinnacle seized by the thinker He is throned in His seats that for ever endure. Aurobindo was also arrested on charges of planning and overseeing the attack and imprisoned in solitary confinement in Alipore Jail.

The caste rules and not the Church; but even the caste cannot punish a man for his beliefs, ban heterodoxy or prevent his following a new revolutionary doctrine or a new spiritual leader. The Congress split after this session.

The fundamental idea of all Indian religion is one common to the highest human thinking everywhere. Inafter four years of secluded yoga, he started a monthly philosophical magazine called Arya.

The supreme truth of all that is is a Being or an existence beyond the mental and physical appearances we contact here. What is there new that we have yet to accomplish?

If a religion is not universal, it cannot be eternal.

Sri Aurobindo

Sizes are available to suit table top to large wall frames. About many things in Hinduism I had once been inclined to believe that they were imaginationsthat there was much of dream in it, much that was delusion and Maya.

The central focus of the community is one group of houses including those in which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother dwelt for most of their lives in Pondicherry.

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This white marble shrine holds, in two separate chambers, the physical remains of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The psychic when it departs from the body, shedding even the mental and vital on its way to its resting place, carries with it the heart of its experiences, - not the physical events, not the vital movements, not the mental buildings, not the capacities or characters, but something essential that it gathered from them, what might be called the divine element for the sake of which the rest existed.

I felt there must be a mighty truth somewhere in this Yogaa mighty truth in this religion based on the Vedanta. But most are anxious only to bribe the examiner.

Hard is it to be in the world, free, yet living the life of ordinary men; but because it is hard, therefore it must be attempted and accomplished. And that, that is never forgotten. Or He gives only a glimpse uncertain and passing and then withdraws and waits for us to be ready.

To rotate on its own axis is not the one movement for Sri aurobindo human soul. There must be "a general spiritual awakening and aspiration in mankind" as well as "a dynamic re-creating of individual manhood in the spiritual type.

The Sri aurobindo world is my seraglio and every living being and inanimate existence in it is the instrument of my rapture. The self-abnegation of the ego in the Divine is its self-fulfillment; its surrender to that which transcends it is liberation from bonds and limits and its perfect freedom.

It is for the Dharma and by the Dharma that India exists. Aurobindo was influenced by the guidance he got from the yogi, who had instructed Aurobindo to depend on an inner guide and any kind of external guru or guidance would not be required.

Suffer yourself to be tempted within so that you may exhaust in the struggle your downward propensities. In her 20s she studied occultism with Max Theon. It is positive that we have to get inside, behind the veil to find him; it is only then that we can see him outside and the intellect be not so much convinced as forced to admit his presence.

It is Shakti that has gone forth and entered into the people. What men call knowledge, is the reasoned acceptance of false appearances. But is it possible for the vital energy to increase beyond the ordinary limits and, if so increased it can attain an impetus, an intensity, an excitation or sublimation of its forces by which it can become, is almost bound to become an instrument either of divine powers, the powers of the gods, or of Asuric demonic forces.

Desire was the helper; Desire is the bar. The Foundations of Indian Culturep. However separated by intellectual distance, they still form so many side-entrances which admit the mind to some faint ray from a supreme Light. Sri Aurobindo pointed out that the divine force permeates all matter in a form that we generally call nature.

Otherwise it would be difficult for him to come into contact and communion with the Divine. Inon a visit to Calcutta, he married year-old Mrinalini, the daughter of Bhupal Chandra Bose, a senior official in government service.

Of this final enlightenment he said: There is nothing finite. There can follow afterwards an opening upward and descent of a higher principle of the being. Rejecting the traditional Indian approach of striving for moksha liberation from the cyle of death and rebirth, or samsara as a means of reaching happier, transcendental planes of existence, Aurobindo held that terrestrial life itself, in its higher evolutionary stages, is the real goal of creation.The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual community located in Pondicherry, in the Indian territory of ashram grew out of a small community of disciples who had gathered around Sri Aurobindo after he retired from politics and settled in Pondicherry in On 24 Novemberafter a major spiritual realization, Sri Aurobindo withdrew from public view in order to continue his.

Even soul-force, when it is effective, those who have used it with eyes open, know how much more destructive it can be than the sword and the cannon Evil cannot perish without the destruction of much that lives by the evil, and it is no less destruction even if we personally are saved the pain of a sensational act of violence.

Sri Aurobindo was born in Calcutta on 15 August At the age of seven he was taken to England for education. There he studied at St.

The Mother

Paul's School, London, and at King's College, Cambridge. ABSTRACT: Sri Aurobindo Ghose (–), the revolutionary yogi of Pondicherry, was one of India’s first global gurus of the modern age.

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo information site providing background, philosophy, yoga and annotations on Sri Aurobindo's extensive writings. Connect with Us. Sri Aurobindo Society is an association, a movement, an invitation and an opportunity to connect and then surpass oneself, to realize one’s unity with others and integration with the entire creation, to work for a happier world, to participate in the collaborative effort, and .

Sri aurobindo
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